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Backpacks and bags

Deployment bags, Molle backpacks and sports bags

In our online shop you will find bags and backpacks for a wide variety of applications. Our range includes various backpacks with the Molle system, which not only offer a lot of storage space, but also the possibility to attach additional pouches and pockets. In addition, there are of course different deployment bags in the police memes shop. These are not only great as a police bag, but are also an ideal companion for all members of customs, the judicial regulatory office, THW, fire brigade and rescue services. Many bags have different compartments, which give you the opportunity to safely stow away all your equipment as well as clothing, shoes and documents. With us you will not only find a practical Molle backpack or a new deployment bag. We also offer you a selection of robust sports bags. There is enough space in them for sportswear and the like, so that you don't have to do without anything the next time you visit the gym or do sport.


Robust duty pockets

In the police memes shop you will find police bags in different designs. Of course, thanks to their high quality and a large number of compartments, the bags are also an absolute must-have for all members of customs, the judiciary, the regulatory office, the fire brigade, rescue service and THW. In the practical inner and outer pockets you can easily store important items such as a radio, block, gloves, handcuffs or a flashlight. All bags that you can buy in our shop convince with excellent material and manufacturing quality, which makes them robust, resilient and tear-resistant. Most of them also have a strap that makes it possible to carry the bags over the shoulder or across the body.

Backpacks: Find your US Assault Pack backpack and matching accessories

With a US Assault Pack backpack you can carry accessories of various kinds within easy reach. This makes a tactical backpack with the Molle system an excellent companion for your next mission. Of course, all backpacks are not only suitable as police backpacks, but are also perfect for hikes and other outdoor adventures. With small pouches and pockets that can be attached to the Molle backpack, the backpacks can be individually supplemented according to your needs. Thanks to the ingenious laser-cut system, the additional pockets are firmly in place, but can still be removed from the backpack quickly and easily if necessary. With us you can conveniently order various tactical backpacks and matching accessories online and get individual advice from our support team.

Sports bags for police service and leisure

Your perfect companion for private or official sports: Our high-quality sports bags. They have enough storage space so that you can accommodate everything you need for the sport. With all sports bags and sports bags that you can order online from us, we pay attention to high-quality materials. So you not only have a practical and durable everyday companion, but you can also enjoy your new bag or your new sports bag for a long time. So get it now! Find your new bag today, right here in the police memes shop.

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Einsatztaschen, Molle Rucksäcke und Sporttaschen

Robuste Taschen, Beutel und Rucksäcke

In unserem Online Shop findet ihr Taschen und Rucksäcke für die verschiedensten Anwendungsbereiche. Unser Sortiment umfasst verschiedene Rucksäcke mit Molle System, welche nicht nur einiges an Stauraum, sondern auch die Möglichkeit bieten, weitere Pouches und Taschen anzubringen. Daneben gibt es im Polizeimemesshop natürlich unterschiedliche Einsatztaschen. Diese eignen sich nicht nur super als Polizei-Einsatztasche sondern sind auch ein optimaler Begleiter für alle Angehörigen von Zoll, Justiz Ordnungsamt, THW, Feuerwehr und Rettungsdienst. Viele Taschen verfügen über verschiedene Fächer, welche dir die Möglichkeit geben, sämtliche Ausrüstung aber auch Kleidung, Schuhe und Dokumente sicher zu verstauen. Bei uns findest du aber nicht nur einen praktischen Molle Rucksack oder eine neue Einsatztasche. Wir bieten dir zudem eine Auswahl an robusten Sporttaschen. In ihnen finden Sportkleidung & Co ausreichend Platz, damit du bei deinem nächsten Besuch im Fitnessstudio oder beim Dienstsport auf nichts verzichten musst.

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