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Gloves and accessories

Duty gloves from well-known brands

Gears and patches for use on duty or for private use await you in our online shop. For example, we have a wide range of high-quality cut protection gloves and practical police gloves.

The different models come from well-known brands such as Helikon-Tex, Mechanix and 5.11, so you can rely on the highest level of quality. The police gloves are made of selected materials, have robust seams and are very comfortable to wear. In addition, they are of course extremely functional and effectively protect the hands from external influences.

Police gloves of different designs

We carry professional tactical gloves for the police. These are made of robust materials and still offer good fingertip sensitivity. They are robustly manufactured and perform well in various types of applications. In addition to leather, they also consist of special synthetic fiber and rubber fabrics.

Some police gloves are equipped with special knuckle protection and impact resistance. Despite these effective protective elements, the police gloves from our online shop are always breathable, so that they can be worn very comfortably even over longer periods of time. Tactical gloves for the police are usually presented in a subtle black, so that they can be combined in many ways and usually go well with different operational clothing.

High quality cut protection gloves

To protect your hands from cuts, you need special gloves. You can also order these here in our online shop. The cut protection gloves have special fibers that are incorporated into the backing fabric.

These models protect against knives and other sharp objects. There are even cut protection gloves that have been specially developed for working with chainsaws and also protect against injuries from their cutting blades. Take a look around our extensive online shop and discover the many cut protection gloves from different brands. These are available in various sizes, so there should also be the right models for you. Some of the gloves are designed in such a way that they can even be used with touch screens.

Mechanix gloves - function meets comfort

Mechanix manufactures quality work gloves for men and women. The company attaches great importance to a successful combination of fit, wearing comfort and function. Mechanix gloves simply feel great on the skin due to strategically placed proximity and innovative materials. They offer a lot of freedom of movement and make it possible to work effectively with a high level of protection at the same time.

In addition, the sensitivity is not lost with the innovative Mechanix gloves. You can still feel the thread of a screw with these, for example, or find small parts in your pocket. So you don't have to take off the Mechanix gloves for the fine work.

Order tactical gloves for the police now in the online shop

With us you have the opportunity to buy tactical gloves for police use as well as exclusive cut protection gloves online at fair prices. We offer you an extensive range, so that we are sure to have the right police gloves for your needs. We are happy to deliver the police gloves to your desired address in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

In addition, all other EU countries are also part of our delivery area. Within Germany, it usually only takes two to five working days for the goods to reach you. Of course you can not only order police gloves from us. We also offer you exclusive equipment needs in the form of clothing or bags. So you can also stock up completely with us.


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